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When buying commercial property, you want to know where the keys that allow you to access your property are located and who has them. However, with older locks, you cannot know to whom the previous owner gave the keys and who may have kept them. By getting your locks rekeyed, you know exactly how many keys there are and who has them. This keeps your property safe and allows you to effectively track who has access to your commercial property. This is also useful if your company has been in a location for a long time, as spare keys can easily become lost or kept by former employees. By rekeying, you can remove any dangers that unauthorized access can cause.

Ease of Access

Another advantage of rekeying is that you now have access to a new set of keys to ensure everyone has the necessary access to do their job. Over time keys can wear out, break, or become lost. With rekeying, you have a new set of keys for your commercial security doors and can assign or re-assign them to your employees and management. Also, with rekeying, you can create a new master key to ensure you always have a way to open all the locks in your business location.

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